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Love is a game.

Amira Deep can’t lose her virginity no matter how hard she tries. With her parents pushing for an arranged marriage in just two short years, she’s running out of time to enjoy her freedom. As much as she hates to admit it, she needs lessons in the art of seduction. Luckily, she knows someone who could teach a master class on the subject…

Alex Fossoway has never met a woman he can’t enjoy then forget. Until his feisty tutor. She takes up way more of his headspace than he’s comfortable with. She has a problem, and he has the perfect solution for both of them.
He’ll teach her how to get what she wants, so he can forget her like all the rest. The only thing he refuses to show her?

How to fall in love.


  • This novella can be read as a complete standalone in the series.

  • This is the only book in the series that does not require any trigger warnings.

  • It is a prequel to Personal Foul.

  • The timeline runs concurrently with Third and Long. (Both take place in college at State.)

  • This novella is no longer available for purchase. It can only be read by subscribing to my newsletter through the link at the end of Personal Foul.

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