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Christmas is the most magical time of the year…

Oliver Cucinelli has a problem, a conundrum, a challenge, an enigma. His Christmas wish list reads more like an email from his boss at work—multiple items of extreme complexity, equally high priority, and worst of all, required to be achieved within a very small window of time. Not only must he impregnate his best friend post-haste, but he also must formulate a solid, fool-proof plan for making her fall irrevocably in love with him. To be clear, the irrevocability of Liv’s love must be strong enough to overcome the potential disappointment of failing to conceive a child together. What Oliver needs is a Christmas miracle. What he gets is a meddling mother who insists that putting a ring on it is the solution to Oliver’s problems. Unfortunately, Oliver isn’t so sure that Liv wants to hear wedding bells more than she wants to hear a baby’s cries.

Olivia Holland wants a baby, and not even Santa Claus can guarantee on-time delivery. Even though her best friend has offered to be her baby daddy, Olivia is painfully aware that she’s never been Ollie’s first choice as a bed partner. After a close call with one of his former lovers while Christmas shopping, Olivia decides she needs to be more like all the other women Ollie has preferred over the years—voluptuous, bold, and easy to be with. If only she hadn’t already promised her family she’d spend the holidays with them at the beach. Ollie really hates sand, and Olivia is terrified that he might reconsider their committed baby-making arrangement once he witnesses her parents’ unconventional relationship.

Ollie failed to put a bird in Liv’s oven by Thanksgiving, but if he can unlock the secret code of romance, then he might be able to convince her that a shiny stocking stuffer will buy them more time to beat her ticking biological clock.


  • The waxing mishap that Olivia suffers? Yeah. I got that inspiration from real life. As actually happened to me.

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