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Scroll down for the Homecoming scavenger hunt and a deleted scene!

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The Ironville Warriors are gods on the field, but...

The hardest hits aren’t always on the field.


She doesn’t remember the best and worst day of her life. 

Eva Papageorgiou has no memory of the brutal attack she suffered at the hands of her would-be rapist—the last few days of her life wiped away completely. But the scars she bares hint at the trauma she endured. 

She feels powerless and alone, no longer able to trust her own mind. The only certainty in her life is that everything is different. Until a friend reveals a secret, filling the holes of her memory. 

Now Eva is determined to reclaim her life and her control over it. 


The day he dreamed of was the one that cost him everything. 

Rob Falls is stuck in a perpetual nightmare, unable to move past the horrific event that changed his and Eva’s lives forever. While friends and family urge him to overcome the tragedy, he withdraws, consumed with guilt and regret no one else—not even Eva—understands. 

He may never earn the redemption he longs for, but he vows to help her feel safe once again. 

Now Rob will do whatever he can to protect the girl he loves from anyone who might hurt her—even himself. 


Eva longs to remember. 

Rob wishes he could forget. 

Even after everything that has come between them, they’re still drawn together. 

Can two damaged souls build a future even as the secrets of the past carve new scars?

Blank Paper

Homecoming Scavenger Hunt

1. Hug a stranger. Post video.

2. Cling wrap someone's car. Post pics.

3. Dye one partner's hair.

4. Adopt a new pet. Double points if you both get a pet.

5. Video karaoke. Sing a song together. Post it.

6. Camp out in someone's back yard. In a tent. Come to school the next day straight from camping. Post pics and/or video of camping fun.

7. Go to the candy store and buy chocolate. Post receipt.

8. Go to the bakery and have a cupcake eating race. Video it.

9. Switch cars for the day. If one partner doesn't have their own car, then video washing the car of the escort who has one.

10. Pick out and buy your escort's Homecoming outfit.

11. Pick out your escort's Spirit Week outfits.

12. Go on a date with your escort (if you're already dating, go somewhere you've never been). Post pics.

13. On Monday of Spirit Week, trade places with your escort at their practice. (If one partner isn't in a fall activity, both go to the same practice.) Yes, this has been cleared with all coaches and directors.

14. Choreograph and perform a dance in the senior hallway with your escort during Spirit Week.

15. Pick one day during Spirit Week for the male escort to carry the female partner between every class.

All pics and videos to be uploaded on the IHS website. You will receive an email tomorrow with your karaoke assignment and your dance song assignment.

The first draft of Second Down clocked in at a whopping 175k words. In comparison, most romance novels are around 80k words. Needless to say, a lot of material ended up on the chopping block. Not *all* of the scavenger hunt needed to be included in the story, but it sure was fun to write! Check out one of the many deleted scenes!

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