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Rules were made to be broken.

Amira Deep learned how to be someone else—someone powerful, in charge of her life, and the kind of woman who takes what she wants. She didn’t put in all the hard work of throwing off her nerdy, virginal ways in college only to be run out of her dream job by the man who taught her everything she needed to know. As the new sports psychologist for the Orlando Sharks, her happily ever after is finally within reach.

Until an unplanned pregnancy threatens to dash all her dreams to stardust. Her old mentor is ready and waiting to be her knight in shining armor, but Amira’s never been a damsel in distress. He can play her baby daddy, but she’s never going to give him her heart. She learned that lesson the hard way.

He’ll break every rule he’s ever made…for her.

Alex Fossoway cleaned up his act—only no one knows it. As the star wide receiver for the Orlando Sharks, he has a certain reputation to uphold. He’s already recovered from his old playboy ways when the woman who changed his rule book shows up as the new team psych.

Alex knows he can’t afford to blow this second chance at proving he’s a changed man. He’ll work as hard as he has to—for as long as it takes—to convince the woman he’s always loved that she’s not his practice run. She’s his end goal. He’s going to teach Amira a new set of rules—family first.


  • The final book in the series.

  • Can be read as a complete standalone with or without the prequel, The Rules.

  • Mild trigger warnings: parental cancer, unplanned pregnancy, parental neglect, parental cheating (no cheating between the main characters), abuse of prescription pain killers

  • The timeline of Personal Foul runs concurrently with the end of Fourth and Inches and the second half of Holding.

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