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It’s all fun and games…until someone falls in love.

Rob Falls, Mike Mitchell, and Alex Fossoway are brothers on the gridiron. Their friendship is unshakable. Until a single moment—a brush with epic love and near death—brings them to their knees. In the wake of tragedy, the game of love and football will tear them apart before it brings them back together again.

This is a collection of bonus material from the Moving the Chains series. It includes the short story that originally appeared in the Between Hearts anthology, which is no longer available. Other short stories were made available exclusively in Kata’s private reader group or on her website. They have all been compiled together as a thank you to the readers.

Forward progress—no matter how small—counts for something.


  • Definitely don't read this first. It contains major spoilers for the entire series.

  • This collection of short stories is mostly comedic, so no trigger warnings necessary.

  • The only exception to the above is the final short story, written from Jackson's POV. TWs for stalking, voyeurism, child manipulation, cancer death of a spouse, and mental illness.

  • This full-length bonus novel is no longer available for purchase. It can only be read by subscribing to my newsletter.

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