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Scroll down for fun facts about the series!


The Golden State

Losing isn't an option.


Rob Falls's life is spiraling out of control. All his carefully made plans have been laid to waste. His friends aren’t speaking to him; he’s estranged from his family. Drafted to the worst team in the NFL, everything he’s worked so hard for seems to be slipping away. 


The only thing he’s still sure of is that he needs Evie. 


Eva Papageorgiou is lost. Once a driven, ambitious young woman, she’s paying penance for all the wrong choices she’s made. Stuck in a downward spiral, she craves a spark of hope to ignite the change she so desperately needs. 


The only thing that hasn’t faltered is her devotion to Rob. 


Realizing they need to make changes to go the distance, they challenge each other to do and be better. 

Rob knows that to fight for the woman of his dreams, he’ll have to let go of his endless guilt and find a way to be the man she fell for years ago. 

Eva understands that to reach their happily ever after, she needs to feel worthy of herself before she can fully accept Rob’s love. 



They make a pact to hold each other accountable. 

The time frame? One year. 

The deal? Get it together or walk away. For good. 

On the line? Everything. 

Fun Facts:

  • The city of Sacramento has no professional football team!

  • It was difficult—but necessary for legal reasons—to come up with major US cities that didn't already have NFL teams.

  • The Sacramento Gold Rushers, Albany Wolves, and Orlando Sharks are completely fictitious!

  • The first four books in this series took a combined 5 years to write. Each novel had at least two first drafts before I felt like the story was "right." In total, I wrote over a million words for this series! 

  • There was going to be one more book in the series—to finally put the villain, Jackson, to rest once and for all. After discussing with trusted beta readers, that final novel was ultimately deemed unnecessary.

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