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Lemon Drop Shot




shot glass

lemon wedges (de-seeded)

sugar/sugar packets

a willing partner ;)

Pour a shot glass of chilled vodka. Cut some lemons into wedges. Either pour sugar onto a small plate or open a few individual sugar packets. Partner 1 licks Partner 2's skin to moisten it. Apply sugar on the moistened spot. (You're shuddering because I used moist twice, aren't you?) Partner 1licks the sugar off Partner 2's skin, does the shot, then sucks on the lemon wedge. 


There are tons of variations to this body shot! Mix it up! Get sugar all over your bedroom! (I could never, but do you...)

Pro tip—do not get lemon juice on your sensitive bits if you decide to do these shots sans clothes. You'll ruin sexy times before you ever get a buzz.

Individual sugar packets really are easier to manage if doing body shots anywhere other than off a wrist or arm, etc.

Watch the full video instructions below!

It's been a hot minute since I did one of these, but I was updating my website the other day and wanted to at least finish the recipes I've already found! Stay tuned for more!

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