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Naughty & Nice Cocktail



4 oz. bourbon or whiskey

2 oz. orange juice

4 oz. cranberry juice

4 oz. ginger beer

orange wedges and cranberries for garnish

Mix liquor and juices in a tall glass with ice. Do not strain ice. Top with ginger beer. Add oranges and cranberries as a pretty garnish. Simple, easy, and will hit you like a Mack truck if you drink too many! No driving!!


I wanted this recipe to be quick and painless during the busy holiday season, so I switched out ginger syrup for ginger beer. If you can't find ginger beer, ginger ale will do in a pinch. The garnishes don't change the flavor of this one, so feel free to skip if you need absolutely zero more stress in the middle of last-minute gift wrapping!

Watch the full video instructions below!

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