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Quick F*ck Shot



Sambuca (not Ouzo! Sorry, Evie!)

shot glass

plastic cup



Pour a shot glass of Sambuca. Light it up, up, up. Light it up, up, up. (Now you're singing it. You're welcome.) Put a plastic cup above the flame to catch the fumes, but not close enough to catch fire! Suck the fumes out of the plastic cup with a straw. Blow out the fire. Carefully!! Down the shot, but don't let the hot glass touch your lips!


I'm not kidding. The hot shot glass rim will BURN your lips. No touchy!!! If you don't want to huff fumes, I don't blame you. It's still a cool shot to show your friends. 

You *must* use Sambuca. Ouzo might have the same licorice flavor, but it has a different ignition point. It might work for other flambé recipes, but it won't light by itself in a shot glass.

What's the difference between Sambuca and Ouzo? (Besides the obvious ignition point difference...) Sambuca is an Italian aperitif, but Ouzo hails from Greece.

The disclaimers in the video below are not jokes. There's a reason this shot is called a Quick F*ck in the college scene. The fumes pack a punch. Be cool—hot—responsibly.

NEVER pour more liquor into a shot that is already flaming!!!

The flame can travel up to the bottle, which will explode in your hand!

Watch the full video instructions below!

When I tell you I wasn't going to do a take 2 of this, I mean I WAS NOT GOING TO DO A TAKE TWO OF THIS. *shudders* I hate licorice. Enjoy the unintentional comedy at the end.

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