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Emma Hastings has tried all her life to fit in. Throwing off her awkward high school years to become a member of a prestigious sorority at Wellbridge University, she has her sisters at her side, and the future spread out before her for the taking. Her senior year of college should be filled with parties, studying, and sweating between the sheets before she goes to medical school.

One night at a party changes everything. Dominoes collapse as quickly as they’re erected. Suddenly, everyone has something to gain and everything to lose.

"...By far, one of the best rom-com novels I have ever read. Not just this year, but ever." -Emerald Book Reviews

"I loved Jimbo and Sophia’s story. It was unique and different and felt fresh and fun. It wasn’t your typical college romance, because not many authors are tackling romance in the marching band. But, it totally worked because band geeks can party too! 5 stars!" -Janine 

"Kata Cuic is a brilliant author and I can see where she chose her words precisely, giving the reader full insight to what she was trying to say. She definitely spent lots of time plotting Revenge Love because there is just so much that happens." -Amy


"Fuck you Kata! Fuck you for putting me through all of that angst. I will not stalk you on social media and cry at your table at RARE. Much. I have to say, this could absolutely be a film. It made me think of a Heath Ledger (RIP) kind of actor as Jason. Ok over to you 20th Century Fox!" -Karen

"Normally I do not read YA, but this is so much more than just a YA book. The characters are complex, there's angst, first love and romance, and everything that comes with high school. The words just flowed like a novel should and played like a movie in my mind." -Andrea

"I love Kata’s writing and how she can capture the human spirit so vividly. By the end of this book, I was sitting with my mouth hanging open…" -Kindle Customer

"This series keeps getting better and better. I'm completely blown away by this story and the character development." -Bad and Dirty Books

"I would give the whole series 5 stars." -alwaysbooking

"The best sex you've ever written." -Ryan Ringbloom, author of the Two-Night One-Night Stand

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